What is Fitnapp?

Fitnapp is an IOS and android compatible mobile application that helps you to attain a healthy lifestyle in your busy schedule by providing you access to a lot of fitness activities in various centres in major cities in India.

Paid for a fitness activity? Too busy to go regularly? Don’t worry because Fitnapp introduces you to almost every fitness activity in centres in your vicinity. You name it and you get it- from Gyms to celebrity favourite Yoga and CrossFit sessions, from Sports activities like Swimming, Archery, Cricket, Badminton, table tennis etc. to fun-to-do workout classes like Zumba, skating etc. in our partner fitness studios in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida, Jaipur, kota, and Bangalore- all under one affordable Fitnapp Universal Pass or ‘pay on visit’ facility provided exclusively by Fitnapp.

This isn’t all, Fitnapp provides the facility of subscribed visits to your favourite beauty salon near you and behaves like a virtual marketplace where you can buy health and fitness equipment and supplements for a healthy living.

What does Fitnapp have to offer?

Broadly speaking, Fitnapp provides 3 types of offers:

a.) Fitnapp Universal Pass

Fitnapp follows the ‘Have it all for a wholesome training of mind and body’ policy and provides classes for a variety of fitness and recreational activities like Gym, Yoga, Sports, Dance, Aerobics, Pilates and many more. You are given a bundle of options to choose from, and these are updated timely. You can access it all with your Fitness Universal Pass.

b.) Pay Per Visit

Now do workout as per your convenience! Pay-per-visit gives dynamically priced (real time pricing) option of working out wherever and whenever you want for a starting price of Rs.50 only. Pay-per-visit gives you options to use multiple activities and avail lots of services like fitness, beauty, recreational activities, home visitsof personal trainers, physiotherapists etc.

c.) Membership Packages

This helps you get centre membership packages at exciting prices. It is available for fitness activities like gym, dance, yoga, beauty salon and a lot more.

What is the idea behind Fitnapp?

1. The body needs different exercises and that’s why it doesn't adapt to the same stress placed on the muscles and bones. It is important to put variety in our fitness program and customize it towards our fitness goals for maximum results.

2. It gives us the option of not committing to one activity at one place. One can Switch to different activities at different centres in different places and change the humdrum of doing the same activity in the same centre. Also, sometimes, one is unable to go for workouts regularly despite of paying the full subscription fee. Fitnapp helps in solving that problem by offering ‘Pay Per Visit’ facility.

Ever since the inception of the idea of Fitnapp, we have aimed at turning fitness into a way of living.

How do I get a Fitnapp Universal pass?How is the Fitnapp Universal Pass pocket friendly?

It’s pretty simple to fetch yourself a Fitnapp Universal pass- all you need to do is download the Fitnapp Mobile App and sign up. You can register your personal details and purchase the Fitnapp Universal Pass that suits you with any online payment mode of credit card/debit card/NetBanking.

Since the membership cost varies from city to city, what you need to do is, first, to start the registration process and have a look at the pricing for your city as soon as it’s launched and available for you. We assure you an inconceivable value for the small investment that you’ll make to be a part of Fitnapp.

How can I purchase a membership only for 1 centre?

It is easy-peasy. Simply follow the below mentioned steps:

1) Download Fitnapp from app store or play store.

2) Complete the registration process and find that particular centre in our app that you wish to visit.

3) Go to the ‘packages’ option, where you will be able to find the option to purchase a suitable plan.

How can I avail the ‘Salon at home’ service?

Select the service(s) you want to avail. Pay for that service(s). Our representative will come to your door step for the service(s). Please take note that such services are for women only. Please check terms and conditions before paying for the service(s).

How can I ask for a personal trainer service at home?

You can make a request on our app for a personal trainer to visit you. After that our executive will contact you to ask about the timings that suit you and related questions. According to your requirement, a personal trainer will be arranged for you.

Anything else that I should be aware of?

No. but it is always betterto read the Terms and Condition before purchasing any subscriptions and/or plans from Fitnapp.

How can I purchase any product from Fitnapp.

Making a purchase at Fitnapp is very easy!

Simply follow the steps mentioned below:

1) Download Fitnapp from app store or play store.

2) Complete the Signup process.

3) Go to Fitnapp Shop and choose the products you want to purchase and enter the quantity. After that you can purchase the product that are there in your cart.

When does my Fitnapp membership commence?

Your membership is activated once the signup process is completed. It will auto-renew monthly on the same day of each month.

Do I need advance reservation for the activity of my choice?

You must book the session of your choice atleast 2 hours before the session time to avoid space issues because of the limited capacity of classes. This is mandatory especially for popular activities because of space limits.

We accept bookings done up to seven days in advance. For example, if you wish to attend a class on the 7th day of a month, booking can be done for the same on 1st day of the month as well.

How do I book an activity?

1) Click on the centre in which you want to reserve the session,then,

2) go to the‘reserve’ tab

3) go to the ‘schedule list’ and click on the ‘Reserve’ option next to the activity.

4) Confirm your reservation.

NOTE: While you go for the class/activity/session you need to carry your Identity Card that matches with your official name in your Fitnapp Account.

What if there are no slots available?

This situation does arise with activities which are highly popular and during peak hours of the day. To avoid this, book your classes well in advance (seven days at the most). If you face any problem, shoot us an email at support@fitnapp.in or you can reach us at 8510009456 / 120 4263863. We will ensure you get the activity/service that you desire.

Is it possible to make a last-minute reservation?

Booking has to be done at least 2 hours prior to the activity time. Booking can be done from 6AM to 7PM. So, in order to book for an activity timed prior to 6 AM, you will have to make a reservation a day before.

How do I cancel a booked class?

For cancellation, you have to contact our customer care number.

NOTE: Cancellation has to be made 2 hours prior to the class time and any cancellation request thereafter will not be entertained.

Will I get a receipt for my Plan?

Yes, you can request for your payment receipt.

Can someone else use my Membership Card?

Your membership can be accessed only by you. It’s mandatory to carry your Identity proof to your classes.

I’ve received a Promo Code. How do I redeem it?

You can redeem the received Fitnapp promo code when you pay for your plan. You just need to key in the specific promo code in the “Promo Code” space provided. Note that promo codesare not convertible to cash and can only be used.

What are the benefits if one refers Fitnapp to a friend?

The Referral Code helps you invite your friends to join in. They will get a discount of the indicated value while you will get a referral fee as indicated on the home screen. You can use this on the purchase of your next plan.

Who are the fitness partners for Fitnapp?

With an extended and vast network, Fitnapp works with numerous worthy and experienced fitness gyms, complexes, activity holders, and salons. The chain keeps elongating. Have a look at our app and website.

Can’t find the answer to your question?

We will be happy to help. Feel free to mail us your questions at support@fitnapp.in or you can reach us at 8510009456 / 120 4263863. We will revert in no time. Your convenience is our priority.