What is Fitnapp?

Fitnapp is a Mobile application that restyles and transforms your workout by providing you access to numerous fitness classes, groups & activities, All under one fitness membership. We are providing an unified access to democratize fitness which introduces you to premium fitness studios, classes, gyms and regimes across a range of cities.

No quailing about annual contracts – all you have to do is buy a month’s subscription with Fitnapp and wallow unlimited access to fitness classes throughout the month at our partner studios.

What are the included set of activities?

Fitnapp follows the ‘Have it all for a wholesome training of mind and body’ policy and provides classes for a variety of recreational activities like Gym, Yoga, Sports, Dance, Aerobics, Pilates and many more. You are given a bundle of options to choose from, and these are updated timely. Please note that it is ‘First Come First Serve’ and you can access it all with your pass.

What is the reason behind Fitnapp?

  • • The body needs different exercises so it doesn't adapt to the same stress placed on the muscles and bones. It is important to put variety in our fitness program and customize it towards our fitness goals for maximum results.
  • • Alongside, If we paid at one specific gym, it took lot of mental strength to get ourself going, moreover after a few weeks it would become monotonous.
  • • The routine exercise takes us to plateau because of the adapted repetitive training stimulus.

We need to set in motion and bring on the table variety, control and joy as a trigger to keep ourselves fit. Ever since the inception of the whole idea of Fitnapp , we have aimed at turning fitness into a way of living.

How do I get a Fitnapp membership?

It’s pretty simple to fetch yourselves a Fitnapp membership- all you need to do is download the Fitnapp Mobile App and sign up. You can register your personal details and purchase your monthly Fitnapp membership with either an online mean like credit /debit card/ Net Banking or Cash From Home.

When does my Fitnapp membership commence?

Your membership is activated once the sign up process is completed. It will auto-renew monthly on the same day of each month.

Do I need advance reservation for the activity of my choice?

Yes, You must reserve activities in advance through mobile application. It is suggested that you make a pick well in advance in order to avoid the problem of space in some of the popular activities.

How do I reserve an activity?

Go to the schedule list and click on the ‘Reserve’ option next to the activity that you wish to attend. Confirm your reservation. While you go for the class/activity/session you need to carry your Identity Card that matches with your official name in your Fitnapp Account.

What if there are no empty slots available?

This situation does arise with activities which are highly popular and during peak hours of the day. To avoid this book your classes well in advance. If you face any problem shoot us at support@fitnapp.in. We will insure you get the activity you desire.

Is it possible to make a last minute reservation?

Booking is to be made 2 hours prior the reservation. For same day reservation, booking starts at 6am and closes at 8pm. For example John wants to book a session at 6am in the morning on Wednesday then the booking must be made before 8pm on Tuesday i.e. one day in advance. Lets take another example John wants to book a session at 9pm in the evening on Monday then the booking must be made before 7pm in the same evening.

How may I cancel a reserved class?

Cancellation has to be made 2 hours prior the class time but any cancellations after that will not be considered.

Process for Android/iOS/Web users

  • • Go to Mybookings from Navigation Menu,
  • • Click on the Upcoming Activities tab,
  • • Click on Activity
  • • Click on Cancel reservation,
  • • Confirm that you want to cancel the reservation.

How is the Fitnapp membership pocket friendly?

Since the membership cost varies from city to city so what you need to do first is to start the registration process and have a look at the pricing for your city as soon as it’s launched and available for you. We assure you that we will guarantee an inconceivable value for the small investment that you’ll make to be a part of Fitnapp.

Can I get a receipt for my Fitnapp membership?

Yes, you can request for your monthly payment receipt.

Can someone else use my Membership Card?

Your membership can be accessed only by you. It’s mandatory to carry Identity to your classes.

I’ve received a Promo Code. How do I redeem it?

You can redeem the received Fitnapp promo code when you pay for your Fitnapp membership. You just need to key in the specific promo code in the “Promo Code” field provided. Note that promo codes can only be used once - for the first month membership and are not convertible to cash.

What are the benefits if one refers Fitnapp to a friend?

The Referral Code helps you invite your friends to join in. They will get a discount of the indicated value while you will get referral fee as indicated on the home screen. You can use this to offset your next month subscription fee.

Who are the fitness partners for Fitnapp?

With an extended and vast network Fitnapp works with numerous worthy and experienced fitness gyms, complexes, activity holders. The chain keeps growing. Have a look at app and website.

Can’t find the answer to your question?

We will be happy to help. Shoot us your questions at support@fitnapp.in. We will revert shortly.

How many visits could i make in one fitness center?

The number of visits for each studio during 1 month cycle varies depending upon the studio. Some centers where demand is high you can visit these centers a limited times whereas in other centers you can visit the centers unlimited times in a month with a condition of one session per day.